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Category: Blogs

Research Reviews

Participatory learning through social media
Class blogs as teaching tools
Collaborative teaching

ICT Research

A case study of a TPACK-based approach to teacher professional development
Preservice teachers’ microblogging: Professional development via Twitter
Learning styles and perceptions of student teachers of computer-supported collaborative learning ...
Class blogs as a teaching tool to promote writing and student Interaction
Investigating Web 2.0 in education: a discursive paradigm for research
Learning outside the walls of the classroom: engaging the digital natives
Affordances and constraints of a wiki for primary-school students’ group projects
“I’d be so much more comfortable posting anonymously”: identified versus anonymous participation
Evolving technologies require educational policy change: music education for the 21st century
Elementary students’ affective variables in a blended learning environment supported by a blog
Learning within a connectivist educational collective blog model
Converged social media
Grey literature in Australian education
Net Generation of students
The impact of digital tools on student writing and how writing is taught in schools
Experience of developing Twitter-based communities of practice in higher education
Escalating the use of Web 2.0 technology in secondary schools in the United Kingdom
Escalating the use of Web 2.0 technology in secondary schools in the United Kingdom
Using Blogs: authentic material and ranking quality for SLA
EU grey literature: long-term preservation, access, and discovery
Blogs as liminal space: student teachers at the threshold
Wiki as a collaborative learning tool in a language arts methods class
Electronic documents in a print world
Enhancing classroom learning experience by providing structures to microblogging-based activities
Student perceptions of microblogging
Adoption of Web 2.0 technology in higher education
User–generated online content 2: policy implications
User–generated online content 1
Blogs and blogging: current trends and future directions

Research Briefs

There are no entries available in this category.

In the spotlight

Featured category: 21st century skills

NMC Horizon Report > 2018 Higher Education Edition

Australian Educational Technologies Trends (AETT) report
Over 100 leading Australian and international educators and experts concerned with Australian education contributed to this report on how Educational Technologies and the computing curriculum is currently being implemented in Australian schools, and the changes that may occur in the near future (5 years).

Students, computers and learning - making the connection
OECD report examines how students access to and use ICT

Mobile learning – why tablets? -- DERN's research brief looks at mobile learning and why tablets are so popular.

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