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Category: Information

Research Reviews

Computing in schools
Evaluating information online
Reading in online environments
Reality learning
Unwanted information
Information sources

ICT Research

2015 open and online education trend report perspectives on developments in Dutch higher education
Know thy student! Combining learning analytics and critical reflections
Navigating the digital shift: mapping the acquisition of digital instructional materials
The invention of reading and the evolution of text
Engendering the knowledge society: measuring women’s participation
Australian ICT Statistical Compendium 2013
Digitization, Internet publishing and the revival of scholarly monographs
Global trends in professional learning and performance & development
School on Cloud: towards a paradigm shift
Does discovery still happen in the library? Roles and strategies for a shifting reality
eExams transforming curriculum
Schools and software; what now and what’s next
Building e-learning content repositories to support content reusability
Framing the law & policy picture: a snapshot of K-12 cloud-based ed tech & student privacy
Using research to inform learning technology practice and policy
Governments and cloud computing: roles, approaches, and policy considerations
Digital life in 2025 - experts predict the internet will become ‘like electricity’
A cooperative multi-agent approach for the creation and annotation of adaptive content
Copyright and the digital economy
Student privacy & cloud computing at the district level
K-12 Edtech cloud service inventory
“I always stick with the first thing that comes up on Google. . .”
Measuring use and creation of open educational resources in higher education
Media literacy 2.0: a sampling of programs around the world
The maturing of the MOOC
Options for addressing the issue of sexting by minors
Caps, apps and other mobile traps
The case for building a Digital Preservation Network
Grey literature in Australian education
Connecting people for development: why public access ICTs matter
Evaluation of the OLDS MOOC curriculum design course
What is analytics? Definition and essential characteristics
Social media in the media: Australian media perceive social media as political tools
OER and collaborative content development
Advancing Australia as a digital economy: an update to the national digital economy strategy
Tablet ownership 2013
Exploring curation as a core competency in digital and media literacy education
Game-based learning: latest evidence and future directions
The UN broadband telecommunications for digital development
Exploring the business case for open educational resources
Technology, broadband and education: advancing the Education for All agenda
Draft Australian Curriculum: Technologies
Cisco connected world technology report
Enhancing teaching and learning through educational data mining and learning analytics
Expanding evidence approaches for learning in a digital world
It’s not chalk and talk anymore - School approaches to developing students’ digital literacy
Improving educational outcomes by providing educational services through mobile technology
The influence of parental factors on children’s receptiveness towards mobile phone location
Cognitive and social factors affecting the use of wikipedia and information seeking
Reading actively online: an exploratory investigation of online annotation tools for inquiry learnin
EU grey literature: long-term preservation, access, and discovery
Print and digital reading in PISA 2009
The textbook reformation and digital content
Awareness, attitudes and participation of teaching staff towards the open content movement
Electronic documents in a print world
E-textbooks are coming: are we ready?
To Facebook, or not to Facebook?
Bullying in a networked era: a literature review
A guide to implementing cloud services – better practice guide
Constructing digital learning commons in the literacy classroom
Wikis and Wikipedia as a teaching tool: five years later
Why first-year college students select online research resources as their favorite
Using social media in local government
University students’ online information searching strategies
Critical appraisal of information on the web in practice
User–generated online content 2: policy implications
User–generated online content 1
Blogs and blogging: current trends and future directions
Where does the information come from?

Research Briefs

There are no entries available in this category.

In the spotlight

Featured category: 21st century skills

NMC Horizon Report > 2018 Higher Education Edition

Australian Educational Technologies Trends (AETT) report
Over 100 leading Australian and international educators and experts concerned with Australian education contributed to this report on how Educational Technologies and the computing curriculum is currently being implemented in Australian schools, and the changes that may occur in the near future (5 years).

Students, computers and learning - making the connection
OECD report examines how students access to and use ICT

Mobile learning – why tablets? -- DERN's research brief looks at mobile learning and why tablets are so popular.

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