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Category: Learning systems

Research Reviews

How learners process feedback
E-textbooks in universities
Future strategy
Student data
Virtual learning environments

ICT Research

Global Education Census report 2018
Towards a model of how learners process feedback
An online training course to learn how to teach online
A strategic response to MOOCs: how one European university is approaching the challenge
Schooling redesigned towards innovative learning systems
An investigation of pre-service teachers’ attitude and learning through a learning management system
Quality models in online and open education around the globe: state of the art and recommendations
The next generation digital learning environment
New vision for education: unlocking the potential of technology
Global trends in professional learning and performance & development
A time for everything: reviewing an institution’s virtual learning environment
Knocking down barriers: how California superintendents are implementing blended learning
Enhancing learning outcomes through new e-textbooks: a desirable combination of presentation methods
Student use of technologies for learning–what has changed since 2010?
Schools and software; what now and what’s next
Research priorities in mobile learning: an international Delphi study
Building e-learning content repositories to support content reusability
Computer-marked assessment in Moodle: past, present and future
MOOCs: expectations and reality
MOOCs for high school
Using research to inform learning technology practice and policy
Higher education teaching in virtual worlds: a snapshot
Looking at MOOCs rapid growth through the lens of video-based learning research
Governing risks and benefits: Mobile communication technologies in British universities
Learning analytics and assessment
M-learning patterns in the virtual classroom
The five resources of critical digital literacy: a framework for curriculum integration
Using the LMS as a social network in a supersized course
A study of the tablet computer’s application in K-12 schools in China
Student privacy & cloud computing at the district level
K-12 Edtech cloud service inventory
Youth perspectives on tech in schools: from mobile devices to restrictions and monitoring
2020 vision: outlook for online learning in 2014 and way beyond
Alive in the swamp
Learning management systems and principles of good teaching
Using cloud-computing applications to support collaborative scientific inquiry
The potential for online learning: promises and pitfalls
Higher education: new models, new rules
Can the current model of higher education survive MOOCS and online learning?
Connecting the dots: new technology-based models for postsecondary learning
SJSU+ Augmented Online Learning Environment - pilot project
Blended learning in higher education: current and future challenges in surveying education
Designing and evaluating an empowering online pedagogy for commencing students: a case study
The maturing of the MOOC
Patterns of engagement in connectivist MOOCs
Learning from international experiences with interactive whiteboards
Ethical issues in technology enhanced assessment
Module facelift: engaging student technology teachers with maths
Realigning higher education for the 21st-century learner through multi-access learning
Bridging digital divides in the learning process
iPads in the science laboratory
The evolution of e Learning in thecontext of 3D virtual worlds
Re-engineering information technology: design considerations for competency education
Retention and intention in Massive Open Online Courses: in depth
Are schools getting a big enough bang for their education technology buck?
Developing practical guidelines for 1:1 computing initiatives
Open educational resources 2013 - trend report
Enhancing teaching and learning through educational data mining and learning analytics
Pedagogy! iPadology! Netbookology! Learning with mobile devices
Data systems in secondary schools: the state of play
Different virtual environments – something for everyone
Usage patterns and perceptions of the Achievement Reporting and Innovation System (ARIS)
Towards a mapping framework of ICT-enabled innovation for learning
Game changers: education and information technologies
The evolution of digital technologies – from collaboration to eCollaboration
Measuring up to ICT teaching and learning standards
National educational technology trends: 2012
Differentiated classroom learning, technologies and school improvement
Design and implementation of a Learning Analytics Toolkit for teachers
Toward a personal Learning Environment Framework
The current state of affairs with regard to virtual and managed learning environments in UK schools

Research Briefs

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Featured category: 21st century skills

NMC Horizon Report > 2018 Higher Education Edition

Australian Educational Technologies Trends (AETT) report
Over 100 leading Australian and international educators and experts concerned with Australian education contributed to this report on how Educational Technologies and the computing curriculum is currently being implemented in Australian schools, and the changes that may occur in the near future (5 years).

Students, computers and learning - making the connection
OECD report examines how students access to and use ICT

Mobile learning – why tablets? -- DERN's research brief looks at mobile learning and why tablets are so popular.

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