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Category: Multimedia

Research Reviews

Young children and screen time
Synchronous virtual classrooms – why?
Video games
E-learning perspective
Reflecting with multimedia
Australian teenagers and ICT

ICT Research

Investigating undergraduate mathematics learners’ cognitive engagement with recorded lecture videos
A field study of a video supported seamless-learning-setting with elementary learners
Reconsidering the role of recorded audio as a rich, flexible and engaging learning space
Virtual reality based behavioral learning for autistic children
Investigating the social interactions of beginning teachers using a video annotation tool
Applying gamification techniques to enhance effectiveness of video-lessons
Zaption: A platform to support teaching, and learning about teaching, with video
A model for exploring the usefulness of games for classrooms
Gaming experience as a prerequisite for the adoption of digital games in the classroom?
Success factors of online learning videos
On line and other game-based learning for mathematics
Children’s media use study how our children engage with media today
Developing, using, and interacting in the flipped learning movement: gaps among subject areas
Exploring co-creation of educational videos in an international collaborative context
Adding some TEC-VARIETY: 100+ activities for motivating and retaining learners online
Digitally connected: global perspectives on youth and digital media
Net children go mobile - final report
The cure for early grades assessment difficulties? Take a tablet
Young Canadians in a wired world, phase III: trends and recommendations
The flipped-classroom approach: the answer to future learning?
Teachers connecting with students through games
Is computer gaming the new ICT?
Developing early learners’ creativity and collaboration using iPads
Gamification and working life cooperation in an e-learning environment
Using supplementary video in multimedia instruction as a teaching tool
Teachers surveyed on using games in class
2014 NMC technology outlook for Australian tertiary education: a Horizon Project regional report
Blended learning in design education
Learning at home: families’ educational media use in America
The benefits of playing video games
Reviewing the trajectories of e-learning
Looking at MOOCs rapid growth through the lens of video-based learning research
Playing games: do game consoles have a positive impact on girls’ learning outcomes and motivation?
Hashtags and retweets: using Twitter to aid community, communication and casual (informal) learning
Creating and using multimedia as artifacts for mediating learning
Zero to eight: young children and their internet use
Rich media e-compendiums
Teens and mobile apps privacy
Net Generation of students
Australian multi-screen report: quarter 1 2013
Technology outlook for community, technical, and junior colleges 2013-2018
Preparing teachers to integrate Web 2.0 in school practice: toward a framework for pedagogy 2.0
T is for transmedia: learning through transmedia play
Beyond the school’s boundaries: PoliCultura, a large-scale digital storytelling initiative
The social media report: state of the media 2012
The technology outlook for Singaporean k-12 education 2012-2017
Parents, teens, and online privacy
Using eTechnologies for active learning
An emerging technology and pedagogical tool: text-to-movie
Beyond lecture capture: what teaching staff want from web-based lecture technologies
The impact of learning driven constructs on the perceived higher order cognitive skills improvement
Pre-service teacher training in Malawi
Making science real
National survey and video case studies
NMC Horizon Report > 2012 K-12 edition
The flipped classroom
Using creative multimedia in teaching and learning ICTs: a case study

Research Briefs

There are no entries available in this category.

In the spotlight

Featured category: 21st century skills

NMC Horizon Report > 2018 Higher Education Edition

Australian Educational Technologies Trends (AETT) report
Over 100 leading Australian and international educators and experts concerned with Australian education contributed to this report on how Educational Technologies and the computing curriculum is currently being implemented in Australian schools, and the changes that may occur in the near future (5 years).

Students, computers and learning - making the connection
OECD report examines how students access to and use ICT

Mobile learning – why tablets? -- DERN's research brief looks at mobile learning and why tablets are so popular.

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