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Category: Training

Research Reviews

MOOCs and professional development of teachers
OER quality and use in K-12
Teachers’ changing practices with ICT
Reflecting with multimedia
Finding educational reports
Open education
Student data
Wiki teaching
Training and internet access
Benchmarking elearning in training

ICT Research

The educational problem that MOOCs could solve
Information and communication technology (ICT) in education in five Arab states
Relative levels of eLearning readiness, applications and trainee requirements in Botswana’s private
Pre-service perspectives on e-teaching: assessing e-teaching using the EPEC hierarchy of conditions
eTwinning 10 years on : impact on teachers’ practice, skills, and professional development
Instructional design and professional informal learning: practices, tensions, and ironies
Collaborative professional learning through lesson study
Navigating learning journeys of online teachers: threshold concepts and self-efficacy
Investigating the social interactions of beginning teachers using a video annotation tool
A blended learning framework for curriculum design and professional development
Video game self-efficacy and its effect on training performance
Making professional learning count: recognizing educators’ skills with micro-credentials
OER quality and adaptation in K-12
The paradigm shift redefining education
Making the most of mobility: virtual mentoring and education practitioner professional development
Material matters for learning in virtual networks
21st-century instructional designers
Synchronous online discourse in a technology methods course for middle and secondary
Synchronous online discourse in a technology methods course for middle and secondary…
Collaborative professional development of mentor teachers and pre-service teachers…
A case study of a TPACK-based approach to teacher professional development
Balancing online teaching activities: strategies for optimizing efficiency and effectiveness
How teachers are learning: professional development remix
Transforming education through digital and blended learning
New vision for education: unlocking the potential of technology
Digital Divas: designing approaches to enthuse girls’ interest in ICT studies and ICT careers
Digital Divas: working to change students’ perceptions about ICT courses and careers
ICT skills and training development a ‘state of play’
Forward thinking: three forward, two back: what are the next steps?
Deadly remote teacher training by mobile devices
“The game is in the tutorial”
MOOC for web talent network
Developing open education literacies with practicing K-12 teachers
Teachers’ changing practices with information and communication technologies
A review of research on mobile learning in teacher education
Factors driving learner success in online professional development
Schools and software; what now and what’s next
Teachers’ roles in designing meaningful tasks for mediating language learning through the use of ICT
The value of non-instrumental computer use
How and what do academics learn through their personal networks
Information and communication technology (ICT) in education in Asia
Examining factors affecting beginning teachers’ transfer of learning of ICT-enhanced learning
Using research to inform learning technology practice and policy
Multi-state, quasi-experimental study of the impact of internet-based professional learning
Mapping and analysing prospective technologies for learning
E-learning in school education in the coming 10 years for developing 21st century skills
Transforming K-12 rural education through blended learning: barriers and promising practices
Instructional design collaboration: a professional learning and growth experience
The battle for open - a perspective
The effectiveness of protocols when pre-service teachers engage in online collaborations
Case studies on integrating ICT into teacher education curriculum in Asia
Can online learning communities achieve the goals of traditional professional learning communities?
Using cloud-computing applications to support collaborative scientific inquiry
Educational technology training workshops for mathematics teachers
Educational technology training workshops for mathematics teachers
Authentic online learning: aligning learner needs, pedagogy and technology
Learning from international experiences with interactive whiteboards
Creating and using multimedia as artifacts for mediating learning
Enhancing pre-service teachers’ perceptions of parenting
Getting inside the black box of technology integration in education
3 ways webconferencing is transforming PD
Synchronous online collaborative professional development for elementary mathematics teachers
Promoting teachers’ learning and knowledge building in a socio-technical system
Inclusive education
Escalating the use of Web 2.0 technology in secondary schools in the United Kingdom
Escalating the use of Web 2.0 technology in secondary schools in the United Kingdom
Exploring the acceptability of online learning for continuous professional development
Pre-service teachers’ perceptions on development of their IMD competencies
ICT in education: a critical literature review and its implications
Preparing teachers to integrate Web 2.0 in school practice: toward a framework for pedagogy 2.0
Preparing pre-service teachers for classroom practice in a virtual world
Pre-service teachers use e-learning technologies to enhance their learning
Constructing embodied understanding of technological pedagogical content knowledge
iPad professional development program (iPDP)
Windows into classrooms
Teachers for the 21st Century: using evaluation to improve teaching
Tell me what you see: pre-service teachers’ perceptions of exemplary digital pedagogy
Collaborative inquiry: building pre-service teachers’ capacity for ICT pedagogical integration
Teaching teachers for the future: modelling and exploring immersive personal learning networks
How prepared are our pre-service teachers to integrate technology? A pilot study
Mobile learning in maths teacher education: driving pre-service teachers’ professional development
International experiences with technology in education: final report
Usage patterns and perceptions of the Achievement Reporting and Innovation System (ARIS)
Blogs as liminal space: student teachers at the threshold
Pre-service teacher training in Malawi
Teaching teachers for the future (ttf)
2009 E-learning Benchmarking Survey
2010 E-learning Benchmarking Survey – final report

Research Briefs

There are no entries available in this category.

In the spotlight

Featured category: 21st century skills

NMC Horizon Report > 2018 Higher Education Edition

Australian Educational Technologies Trends (AETT) report
Over 100 leading Australian and international educators and experts concerned with Australian education contributed to this report on how Educational Technologies and the computing curriculum is currently being implemented in Australian schools, and the changes that may occur in the near future (5 years).

Students, computers and learning - making the connection
OECD report examines how students access to and use ICT

Mobile learning – why tablets? -- DERN's research brief looks at mobile learning and why tablets are so popular.

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